ACSMMA National & Open Sword Fighting Championships 2013

south-african-flagDurban Sword and Shield Club in Durban, South Africa, will be hosting the first ACSMMA (The Affiliation for Contemporary Swordsmanship and Medieval Martial Arts)  National and Open Swordfighting Championships 2013, and invites eligible fighters and teams from all parts of the world to attend and compete in this event. Below is a detailed listing of the events:

Venue: Hillcrest Scout Hall, Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal

Date: 09-11 August 2013

Events, Day one (Friday, 09 August):

Morning – Rapier (any combination of rapier and dagger, cloak, or case is permitted)

Afternoon – unarmoured longsword (weapon type to be decided upon)

Events, Day two (Saturday, 10 August):

Morning – Fully-armoured combat (sword and shield, longsword, greatsword and spear permitted) these will be steel, rebated weapons, & will be inspected for safety.

Afternoon – Dark Ages Holmganga (weapons chosen by chance and to include sword, shield, dagger, and spear)

At the end of Day Two, there will be a feast for all combatants and their guests.

DSCF1382The National Champion will be the fighter who has competed in all four events, &,who has accumulated the most points.(with the overseas competitors taking part, there may well be a tournament champion & a national champion)

There will also be recognition of the winner of each event. Standard armour requirements and rules for each event will be forwarded to interested clubs/groups/individuals. There will be no charge to compete in the event, however costs for camping and catering will also be forwarded once there is a more accurate idea of numbers of attendees.

Events will be marshalled by an official club member of the rank of Master-at-Arms or Marshall.(from any club, depending on availability) or whoever is deemed proficient by ACSMMA. There are camping facilities and a communal log cabin with full ablutions available, and we recommend that fighters plan to arrive on the Thursday afternoon prior to the commencement of competition. We invite all combatants and their guests to bring their relevant heraldry including gonfalons, banners and surcoats for their campsites and for the full plate event. Garb is welcome, although it is not mandatory.

There will be pages and squires on hand to assist with armour and watering, however clubs are invited to bring their own, as well.

Durban Sword and Shield Club ask all interested groups, clubs or individuals to email  with their club or individual name and number of fighters wishing to attend this event, and we look forward to meeting you.

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