Modern Home and Personal Defense, Medieval Style

While many people today are very interested in finding a course of study that will aid them in being able to better defend themselves and their loved ones, not everyone is desirous of engaging in many years of study in a martial arts style. And while firearms are a very popular form of self defense in the home or in public for those people of whom are holders of their state’s concealed carry licenses (in the United States), the fact of the matter is that bullets go through people, and they keep on going often to hit innocent bystanders or loved ones. This can certainly happen within the close quarters of a home when engaging an intruder with your firearm. So, what can one do to engage in a solid, relevant form of defense against home invasion or in the event that they are attacked by a criminal while away from home? Furthermore, it is very possible that a person will not be armed when they are attacked by an armed person. Criminals are not in the business of ensuring they engage in a “fair fight.”

It is very important to hold within your possession the skills needed to deal with such an encounter. Have you heard to old term, “Get Medieval” on someone? Well you can, because one of the many aspects of Medieval European Martial Arts is the ability to engage an armed person when you are unarmed. Make no mistake, it does take time and effort, and a certain level of solid dedication to learn these martial techniques. Furthermore these are techniques that have been tested in battle and worked, are well documented in primary source materials, and are still extremely efficient in this day and age in dealing with an armed attacker.

New Ulster Steel Fighting School of Medieval Combat Arts in Waco, Texas is offering a course of study in this particular fighting style. The course of study is what we have referred to as a “pull out” course and has been titled our Home Invasion Defense Course. We call it a “pull-out” course because this is a normal phase in the training of a member for whom has joined us to learn the entire fighting style and desires to work his or her way up through the ranks. But, we have pulled this particular phase out to offer to people who may not want to train for years in the entire system. The focus of this course is on teaching the student who is unarmed how to effectively and efficiently defeat an attacker armed with a bladed weapon such as a knife ( the primary weapon used in most home invasion). These techniques are taken from interpretations of the primary sources left to us by European martial arts masters Fiore die Liberi (c1350s – 1410s), and Hans Tolhoffer (c1420 – 1490).  Furthermore, in addition to these historically European traditional methods of combat, N.U.S.F. School of Medieval Combat Arts is also incorporating contemporary techniques to disarm of person armed with a hand gun and rifle/long gun. This addition is obviously a necessity given that these are the other more common weapons in use in the current age. These disarming techniques are taken from military close-quarters, hand-to-hand combat methods.

If you live in the Waco, Texas area and desire to enroll in this course of study, you are welcome to come and train with us at our regular training times or you may register for private lessons. Also feel free to register as a group (such as with co-workers, etc…). Cost for individuals attending our regular training session times is $60.00 a month. The course of study is estimated at taking 9 to 12 months to complete depending on the progress of the student/s. Graduates of the course will receive a certificate for their achievements. For more information go to our Contacts page here at and send us a message.

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