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Ants in the Sun

A Viking nobleman seeks to find a renewed sense of purpose and honor after a disastrous raiding campaign. spending time with an old hermit that will not reveal his name,but nevertheless is clearly a former Viking warrior of great renown, Angus Ovarssen takes up the challenge of service as a Varangian Guard officer in the Christian Byzantine Empire. Once again he engages in brutal warfare and sees the horrors of Dark Age warfare.

This story of one young Scandinavian’s plight to find self is filled with adventure, faith, love, revenge and the unforgiving brutality of war. Ants in the Sun brings to life the people of the Viking Age and the challenges they faced. For the lovers of high adventure and stories with characters as real as the people in modern times, this is a book that is hard to put down.

Ways to buy Ants in the Sun:

– $12.99 Paperback at or

– $1.99 Ebook from (available in most e-reader compatible formats).

Publication Date:

Dec 22 2011

Print ISBN: 9781468008432

Smashwords ISBN: 978-1-4660-2390-1

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