Members’ Testimonials


Laura and Jay G., former students who relocated out of state. “MY husband and I really enjoyed our time at Art of Combat European Martial Arts. We had an amazing time training with Bro. Jeff and the other members of the school. The training is a lot of fun and the mentality of the group is amazing. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Bro. Jeff is a very patient teacher and has an awesome way of explaining things, which makes it easy to follow along. He is very knowledgeable and could answer every question we asked. Every session was exciting and my husband and I were looking forward to going back to training every weekend. It never got boring! We recommend Art of Combat European Martial Arts to everyone. They are amazing!”


Nathan Laney 2

Armsman II, N. Laney: “I’m a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and spent 3 years as an assistant instructor, but my time at Art of Combat European Martial Arts is by far the most rewarding martial arts experience I’ve had. Not only am I being physically challenged but I have personally grown more in my time here than I have anywhere else. I have been a member for over two years, and I am an Armsman II, and in that time I have done and grown much. I eagerly look forward to everything ahead of me, and I am blessed to be able to be along side these great people.”


KLArmsman II, K. Laney. A Pastor of a local area Church: “At sixty two years of age I thought the opportunity to train in any kind of martial art was gone forever, but that was not true. Our H.E.M.A. (Historical European Martial Arts) class has given me back the excitement of my youth. I look forward to it every week. And the bonus is I get to do this with my son.”


Tyler BryantArchery SGT., T. Bryant. He is also a Black Belt in Taekwondo, Goju Ryu Karate, and Kobudo, and is a U.S. Army Veteran of Afghanistan : “I was a member of Art of Combat European Martial Arts from 2013-2017 before leaving the Army and returning back home to South Carolina. Joining A.O.C European Martial Arts is one of the best decisions I’ve made! Training with this organization has improved my physical fitness, confidence, and I’ve made lifelong friends. The camaraderie among this organization is unparalleled in the martial arts world and the training, although demanding, has been the highlight on my weekends!”



Kelsey B., a student from our previous McClennan Community College classes, European Martial Arts I and II. She also holds a Black Belt in Karate. “Br. Jeff Webb is a fantastic teacher. I was struck right away with his friendliness, knowledge and skill. Not only is he an expert in actual sword-fighting, his knowledge and passion reach deep below the surface into the history of this ancient art. His respect for the past and his historical insights added depth to my own learning experience. Br. Jeff taught his students a lot, but he always made sure we were comfortable with each technique with plenty of review. It NEVER got either boring or too fast-paced. H.E.M.A. is fun, physical, satisfying, and meaningful.”


Aubrey McMahan

Aubrey M., college student and a student from our previous McLennan Community College class, European Martial Arts II. “Willing to get sweaty and improve your precision skills? Although this is a big part of learning H.E.M.A., to me it is much more. It is an athletic art filled with wonderful history and an open book of options concerning skills and techniques. It is definitely something I am willing to continue with in the future.”



Pole Arms Sergeant, J.L., “I had 4 years of rapier training and I wanted to branch out to develop a better understanding of weapons combat. Art of Combat European Martial Arts teaches a wide variety of sword styles along with other weapons such as pole arms. They use original sources and we sometimes study them during training sessions. A.O.C. helped me develop my own personal style of combat and gave me a better understanding of the art of swordsmanship.”



Armsman II, Benjamin L. “I am truly blessed to be a member of Art of Combat European Martial Arts. It is fantastic to be a member of this organization which researches, teaches and practices the historical techniques of European Martial Arts. H.E.M.A. is simultaneously physical and intellectual; improving mind, body, and character. But most importantly it has introduced me to amazing friends who I look forward to seeing every weekend. And that is the best part about H.E.M.A.: Being able to study and spar with friends who enjoy the Art of Combat as much as I do. You can find no better friends than those who will stand in a battle line with you, and no better instructor than Grand Master Webb.



Free Scholar, John Dunwoody. “I am a Free Scholar with Art of Combat European Martial Arts. I have been studying with Brother Jeff for a decade. As I have done this I have seen the birth and growth of this organization. A.O.C. European Martial Arts is certainly a unique experience, especially for anyone in the area. At Art of Combat, we not only teach the execution and use of weapons and empty handed techniques, but we also help encourage each other in our faith and in life. This is a wonderful environment because we never put anything higher than God, but we also make sure everyone feels welcome and enjoys learning. From new novices to the founder himself, everyone gathers together here to learn and have fun doing so. I have gone through many changes in ten years, but A.O.C European Martial Arts and its members have been a constant source of joy and support for me. In addition to the support of fellow members, the A.O.C. has an atypical learning method that really makes it shine in my eyes. While you learn the form and techniques passed down from the Masters, there is a constant emphasis placed on the sparring. Through sparring a person refines their technique to its most practical and gains higher honor as laid out by Sir Geoffroi De Charny. Finally, the importance of learning not only the combative arts of the time, but also studying the code of conduct and the peripheral works of the time is wonderful and brings a new life into the arts that we study. Overall I have never found another school quite like this one and I have benefited greatly from my time here.”



Mr. Joseph Hamilton, Black Belt in Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu and former Armsman I at Art of Combat European Martial Arts. ” I’ve been studying martial arts for over 14 years. I am a black belt in Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu and I am in the process of bridging the gap between what I learned from A.O.C. and my Asian hand to hand combat style into a sword system of my own. One of the more formative parts of that journey has been with A.O.C. During my training there I solidified my knowledge of range, timing, conditioning, and power. The effectiveness of the sword combat training there is in my opinion at this time, unparalleled in the world of martial arts. This comes from not just looking at the source material, but continually testing the mettle of the techniques in active sparring situations. Whether it be one on one or one against many, in the end you know you will have an arsenal of techniques ready to deal with any situation effectively and efficiently.”



Armsman II, M. Roe. He also holds a black belt in Karate. “Art of Combat European Martial Arts is a great learning environment focused on bettering one’s self, and on historical accuracy in its exploration of medieval combat. Here you can also build long-lasting relationships built on trust.”


Donald K

Professor Donald Keltner, History Professor who took our European Martial Arts I & II classes at McLennan Community College. “I took Prof. Webb’s introductory course at a local college and was fortunate to be invited to continue my studies at his personal school. The class has been a fantastic experience, physically and intellectually. Prof. Webb treats the material and his students with great respect and professionalism; he is truly a modern practitioner of chivalry. The advanced students at his school welcomed in the “newbies” and they were generous in taking time away from their own studies to bring us up to speed. The school is place of good fellowship that challenges the body and the mind to work as one, to grow as a practitioner of the historical martial arts, and to enjoy the process of that growth. It is an uplifting experience, and it is quite fun. The school engages in structured, serious study with good people in a positive setting and I am very honored to have been invited into the fellowship.”

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