ACSMMA National & Open Sword Fighting Championships 2013

south-african-flagDurban Sword and Shield Club in Durban, South Africa, will be hosting the first ACSMMA (The Affiliation for Contemporary Swordsmanship and Medieval Martial Arts)  National and Open Swordfighting Championships 2013, and invites eligible fighters and teams from all parts of the world to attend and compete in this event. Below is a detailed listing of the events:

Venue: Hillcrest Scout Hall, Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal

Date: 09-11 August 2013

Events, Day one (Friday, 09 August):

Morning – Rapier (any combination of rapier and dagger, cloak, or case is permitted)

Afternoon – unarmoured longsword (weapon type to be decided upon)

Events, Day two (Saturday, 10 August):

Morning – Fully-armoured combat (sword and shield, longsword, greatsword and spear permitted) these will be steel, rebated weapons, & will be inspected for safety.

Afternoon – Dark Ages Holmganga (weapons chosen by chance and to include sword, shield, dagger, and spear)

At the end of Day Two, there will be a feast for all combatants and their guests. Continue reading “ACSMMA National & Open Sword Fighting Championships 2013”

Modern Home and Personal Defense, Medieval Style

While many people today are very interested in finding a course of study that will aid them in being able to better defend themselves and their loved ones, not everyone is desirous of engaging in many years of study in a martial arts style. And while firearms are a very popular form of self defense in the home or in public for those people of whom are holders of their state’s concealed carry licenses (in the United States), the fact of the matter is that bullets go through people, and they keep on going often to hit innocent bystanders or loved ones. This can certainly happen within the close quarters of a home when engaging an intruder with your firearm. So, what can one do to engage in a solid, relevant form of defense against home invasion or in the event that they are attacked by a criminal while away from home? Furthermore, it is very possible that a person will not be armed when they are attacked by an armed person. Criminals are not in the business of ensuring they engage in a “fair fight.” Continue reading “Modern Home and Personal Defense, Medieval Style”

Chivalry in the Age of Chivalry and Modern Times

By: Jefferson P. Webb


Normally when researching a topic for or engaging in other scholarly activities, it is recommended and I typically always adhere to utilizing multiple sources for an article, book, or paper. In this particular posting though I have found one primary source that I have found so very valuable that I have used it exclusively here. That source is authored by Chevalier Geoffroi De Charny, and is entitled, “A Knight’s Own Book of Chivalry.” While I have used his book as the only work of literature as a source, coupled with my own experiences and views on the matter of chivalry, which I might add are very much in line with De Charny’s beliefs, this posting is not a book review. Likewise this posting does not come close to covering the many details De Charny gave in his book and I highly recommend purchasing a copy and reading the book if this is a topic that interests you. I find it to be an authoritative work on the topic of chivalry. We at hope you enjoy this brief look into the topic of chivalry and what it meant in the Medieval period, and furthermore we hope you enjoy reading De Charny’s work should you choose to do so. Continue reading “Chivalry in the Age of Chivalry and Modern Times”

Memorial Day: Honoring Those Who Gave All

We want to give are deepest and heart-felt thanks to all of the service men and women of the United States Armed Forces who have given their lives in the line of duty for our wonderful nation, The United States of America. We are forever indebted to these courageous patriots of our nation, and have an obligation to live our lives to the fullest while honoring their sacrifices and our nation. Each time the national anthem is played, each time we place our hands over our hearts, each time we hug a loved one or go outside and play with our children, or perhaps take a sip of our coffee without the fear of an enemy of our nation attempting to take our lives in our own streets, remember that Americans have given their lives for our privilege to do these things.

Today please pray for those families who have lost, and give thanks for those who gave their lives for us. Have a blessed Memorial Day.


Jefferson P. Webb


James. My Reboot Camp Launches for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. December 28, 2010. Accessed 5-28-2012.

Purists and Innovators: An Observation of Two Classifications of Western Martial Artists

Although there has been a rise in interest for roughly the last three decades in Renaissance and Medieval European Martial Arts, or what some refer to as Western Martial Arts, there appears to be surfacing what may be a level of contention between what the author of this article will refer to as “Purists” and “Innovators.” What is the matter of contention, or problem between these two classifications of martial artists and why does it exist? Furthermore, should there really be any issue in the first place? Continue reading “Purists and Innovators: An Observation of Two Classifications of Western Martial Artists”

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