The Armored Combat League and The IMCF: What Can We Learn From Them?

By: Jefferson Webb

Although I’ve heard some criticism expressed in the Historical European Martial Arts community within the past few years of the sport of the Medieval Armored Combat such as what we see in the Armored Combat League or in the International Medieval Combat Federation, there are some key points that we can learn from such a sport.


Let’s look at some of the, perhaps a bit unrealistic aspects of the sport first. Now, it needs to be mentioned that any sport needs rules, and while the average spectator unfamiliar with the sport of armored combat may think there are no rules, there are a number of them. One of these rules that changes how these men fight as opposed to actual Medieval and Renaissance armored combat was conducted is that there are no thrusts allowed in the sport of armored combat. This is for participant safety, and while we do thrust in my H.E.M.A. school, it’s understandable. We see fighters making what would be cutting / slashing strikes with their various types of swords against armored opponents, and it is common knowledge that of course this does little to nothing (in terms of causing death or injury) to an armored warrior of the period. With a sword, thrusts were used in the gaps and through the visor to defeat your armored opponent. Of course, there was also getting them to the ground and “finishing him rightly,” with a dagger/roundel. Continue reading “The Armored Combat League and The IMCF: What Can We Learn From Them?”

House Wars III Results

By Jeff Webb

DSC_0151 - Copy

New Ulster Steel Fighting hosted House Wars III Combat Tournament this weekend in Woodway, TX in White Hall Park.  Competitors fought in the single combat event with arming sword and round shield (and a back up weapon such as a dagger or a hand ax), the Teams Melee event, and in the Last Warrior Standing Event. Only first place is recognized in the House Wars series. In the Single Combat event, fighters endured a series of round robin rounds of fighting before advancing on to the Single Elimination round where combatants fought to achieve the honor of first place. Continue reading “House Wars III Results”


Group Pic of Fighters

FIGHT FEST! 2015 was a great success in which we saw attendance from the Texas fighters from the Army of Jomsborg, and fighters from New Ulster Steel Fighting. All of the fighters, support personnel from both sides, and spectators had a great time, in spite of the heat (92 Fahrenheit with a heat index of 102 at one point). The awards were great and all involved would like to give a huge thanks to Kult of Athena for the sponsorship and donation of a Wulflund Viking Sword and a Wulflund Antiqued Finished Norman Helmet. Their donation was very generous! Also thanks goes out to New Ulster Steel Fighting for their organization of the tournament, and for sponsoring the award medals (41 awarded in all), an award shield, spangen helm and ax head. The sponsorship from Kult of Athena and New Ulster Steel Fighting made this a tournament in which the victors truly did walk away with some spoils for their hard fighting! Finally, New Ulster Steel Fighting would like to give our thanks to the Texas members of the Army of Jomsborg for a great showing both in numbers, and in skill on the field of competition. We hope that a firm alliance and friendship has been formed and that it is long-lasting.

The placings in each category are as follows:

One on One Combat Event:

1st Place Gold Medal – Clinton Dale (Jomsborg)
2nd Place Silver Medal – Dave Kilbourn (Jomsborg)
3rd Place Bronze Medal – Rob Kilbourn (Jomsborg)

In the 5 Fighter Team Melee:
1st Place Gold went to Jomsborg Team A
2nd Place Silver went to Jomsborg Team B
3rd Place Bronze N.U.S.F. Team C

In the Last Warrior Standing event:
1st Place Gold – Tyler Bryant (NUSF)
2nd Place Silver- Savannah Wingo (Jomsborg)
3rd Place Bronze – Justin Kincaid (Jomsborg)
All fighters received the FIGHT FEST! 2015 Combatant’s Medal

Congratulations to all fighters!

Pictures below shows the Champion of the One on One Combat Skills Event, Clinton Dale, Army of Jomsborg and his awards. The next pictures show the Champion of the Last Warrior Standing Event, Tyler Bryant, of New Ulster Steel Fighting. We hope to soon have a picture of the Gold Medal Jomsborg Team A who won 1st place in the team melee.

Champion Clinton Dale
Champion's Awards


Last Warrior Standing Awards

A Safe Return!

American-Flag-EagleWe are extremely happy to announce that the remainder of the membership of New Ulster Steel Fighting School of Medieval Combat Arts that were deployed to Afghanistan have returned safely and are back on American soil. We are proud of them and we thank our Father God for keeping them safe and bringing them back home to their families, and to us. We continue to keep the rest of the American Fighting Men and Women deployed in our prayers. They are the ones who make it possible for the rest of us to freely go about our daily routines as free Americans, and they are worthy of the gratitude of every citizen of the United States of America.

Welcome home!


Br. Jeff Webb, Grand Master

New Ulster Steel Fighting S.M.C.A., Lead Instructor Academy of European Martial Arts





Tournament at Saint Olav’s Fest in Trondheim, Norway

dsc_0060By: Jefferson P. Webb

This past July 26th – August 3rd in Trondheim, Norway, was the Tournament of Saint Olaf in which mounted competitors engage in the mounted joust with lances, mounted melee, and engaged in individual skills with sword and lance/spear. The tournament was organized/arranged by the Hassel-Ryen family, and was a great success. The tournament is a strictly equestrian martial arts tournament, but talking with them they are open to including competition of foot in the next tournament in 2015. This will bring some added excitement to an already exciting, action-packed competition. We at New Ulster Steel Fighting are further excited and honoured to have been invited by the Hassel-Ryen family to attend and compete in the next tournament of the festival next year should competition on foot be included in the event. Likewise if we can acquire a horse or horses in Norway for the event, we will have representatives (or a representative) of N.U.S.F. taking part in the mounted competition. Continue reading “Tournament at Saint Olav’s Fest in Trondheim, Norway”