An Act of Bravery

Grand Master Jost Bravery
Major General Sithole (left) Shakes the hand of Grand Master Heinrich Jost (Right) while presenting Jost an award for bravery

A few years ago I was blessed to meet Grand Master Heinrich Jost of the Affiliation For Contemporary Swordsmanship and Medieval Martial Arts South Africa. What started as a simple contact from our school to his through his club’s web site rapidly developed into a lasting friendship.  During my time knowing him, his chivalrous character is evident, and he has, according to French Knight, Geoffroi de Charny in his mid-14th Century work, The Book of Chivalry, achieved the highest level of Chivalrous honour, and certainly Grand Master Jost continues living a Chivalrous life in the service of his family, community and nation.

On the night of Sunday, March 11, 2018, as a member of his sector’s Community Police Force (an irregular or auxiliary-like force attached to the state police force) Grand Master Jost took part in operations against a well-armed gang that attacked the administrative offices of a golf course in Kyalami, Gauteng, South Africa. The gang’s apparent objective was the blow open the safe with explosives and then leave with the contents of the safe. The gang over-charged the explosives and virtually destroyed the offices.  The gang was armed with AK47’s and 9mm pistols. Grand Master Jost took part in the pursuit of the suspects as they fled the scene of the attack. His pursuit took place on foot and over a distance of approximately 15.5 kilometers that night. During this pursuit, Grand Master Jost was personally responsible for the capture of three of the well-armed gang members.

For his actions at the risk of great personal harm, Grand Master Jost was awarded a commendation for bravery by the South African Police Force. His actions not only proved a vital service in keeping the people of his community safe, but also bring great honour upon himself, his family, and the Affiliation For Contemporary Swordsmanship and Medieval Martial Arts. We want to congratulate him and his achievement in the service of his community and country.

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  1. Yes, he is in fact of Joachim Meyer’s lineage. That is true. He is a great and honest man, and I am blessed to be close friends with him. He is Chivalrous in the purest sense.

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