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Sir Heinrich Friedereich August Jost:https: //

Grand Master: SAGMCS (The South African Guild for Medieval Combat Studies); Knight-Marshal: ACSMMA (The Affiliation for Contemporary Swordsmanship and Medieval Martial Arts); Proprietor & Owner: HillTribe Armouries. Director: Jost & Evans Armaments.

Sir Heinrich produces outstanding Medieval and Renaissance arms and armor as owner and proprietor of Hill Tribes Armouries in South Africa. His work is detailed and high quality. His swords, weapons and armour are made durable for heavy combat, and yet with heirloom quality. Check out his work on Facebook and contact him for any questions.

Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu, Sensei Daniel Hamilton: Sil Lum Kenpo Ryu, its reasoning for being, and the motivations behind Sensei Hamilton’s establishment of this style and web site exemplify what it means to be a martial artist. Sensei Hamilton’s desire to bring together the knowledge of years of martial arts experience as a family tradition to pass on is in keeping with the very fabric of martial arts. And as stated by Sensei Hamilton, “We train to fight, so we don’t have to.” Passing the knowledge of the art of fighting to the next generation coupled with the wisdom and philosophy of learning the art of fighting, so one can achieve the greater art of not fighting is profound. This value and philosophy is in keeping with the values of A.O.C. European Martial Arts. Grand Master Webb has had the honor of meeting Sensei Hamilton, and has the honor of training one of Sensei Hamilton’s sons in our school.

United States Martial Arts Association/World Wide Martial Arts Association: Formerly headed up by the late Senei Phil Porter, the United States Martial Arts Association is an outstanding organization that unites various martial arts styles together, and perpetuates the character traits of hornor, honesty, and duty. Art of Combat (Formerly New Ulster Steel Fighting) is recognized by the United States Martial Arts Association/World Wide Martial Arts Association and Grand Master Webb of A.O.C. European Martial Arts is a life member of the United States Martial Arts Association.

Supplies and Gear

Academy is where you can find basic padding, uniform items, and archery supplies.

Kult of Athena for a great selection of various equipment that may be used within our school, and a site that is just a lot of fun to check out. They have some of the best deals you will find on entry-level swords and other items:

Sportkilt provides the most comfortable and practical kilts around and have an outstanding look. They are simply awesome and are the official kilt supplier for A.O.C. European Martial Arts:




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