Required Gear and Equipment

The following is a list of the basic protective gear that you will need. This list will also include the items you will need to train successfully as a member of Art of Combat European Martial Arts.

All Adult Members Need a dark gray/charcoal colored t-shirt (short or long sleeve) with no brand logos on it. Just a simple t-shirt. Be sure that it is a crew neck. No v necks or other types of neck/collars. You will also need a pair of solid black martial arts or athletic pants.Comfortable footwear in the form of athletic shoes or comfortable military style boot. ABSOLUTELY no open-toe footwear. These items are the foundation items of your uniform. Members are also to avoid the color blue on your clothing, shields, etc… as this color is reserved and indicative of rank.

Novice Levels:

Shin guards

Knee pads

Protective cup (males)

Chest protector (females)

Elbow pads

Thick gloves


Round shield

Mouth guard (football/boxing type)

Armsman I add the Following:

Helmet or fencing mask

Dagger (Must complete dagger workshop before allowed to carry)

Approved Heater Shield with A.O.C. E.M.A.  Artwork.

Gambeson or modern HEMA Jacket

Greaves (Leather or steel protection for the lower legs and knees worn over shin guards and knee pads) or modern baseball catcher’s leg protection

Art of Combat European Martial Arts Tabard (for Armsman I and higher).

Armsman II:

A second sword

Sergeant (Pole Arms or Archer):

There are two specialized Sergeant of Armsmen fields. One is the Infantry branch and members desiring this path will need a pole ax/halberd and a dagger added to their personal gear. The other area of specialty is that of archery. Members will need to obtain an approved bow and utilize approved A.O.C. European Martial Arts Safe Arrows, or S.C.A. legal combat arrows that are safe for melee training. This allows archers to take part in freestyle combat training and tournament team competitions as a vital part of a combined arms tactical system. Members may decide which of these two sergeant ranks they wish to train in, but it is encouraged that members train in both areas of specialty to increase their knowledge and experience.

Scholar and Higher Levels:

Various reading materials based on progression level. The member may also add to his or her personal gear any number of approved armor and weapon items that they need or possibly desire. This may include commissioning of a custom harness for harnischfechten, or other gear that may be contemporary H.E.M.A. gear. There are many variations and types of safety gear that one can get.

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