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20150411_073826We are currently looking for new members from the Heart of Texas Area (Waco, Woodway, Hewitt, Lorena, Killeen, Temple and other surrounding areas). Members train in a curriculum of Historical European Martial Arts involving, swordsmanship (single-hand broadsword, hand-and-a-half swords, and long swords), sword and shield (various shields), pole arms (primarily pole ax/halberd), tactical archery, dagger and empty-handed combat. After the first few months of initial training, students will begin on a course of freestyle sparring that will build their skills for years to come, as well as learning the forms and techniques of new weapons. Sparring takes place one on one, one on two or three opponents, and team melee sparring. There is also the chance at tournament fighting.

We are not a reenactment group and we are not a larp organization. If you are interested in European Martial Arts, and becoming apart of a close-knit group of brothers and sisters in arms, then we are the place for you in the Heart of Texas area. We train Saturday mornings starting at 08:30 and in most weather conditions outdoors at the instructor’s home. For more information, please contact us on our contacts page. We are also on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/steelfighting  Come join us for an incredible martial arts experience!



Group Pic of Fighters

FIGHT FEST! 2015 was a great success in which we saw attendance from the Texas fighters from the Army of Jomsborg, and fighters from New Ulster Steel Fighting. All of the fighters, support personnel from both sides, and spectators had a great time, in spite of the heat (92 Fahrenheit with a heat index of 102 at one point). The awards were great and all involved would like to give a huge thanks to Kult of Athena for the sponsorship and donation of a Wulflund Viking Sword and a Wulflund Antiqued Finished Norman Helmet. Their donation was very generous! Also thanks goes out to New Ulster Steel Fighting for their organization of the tournament, and for sponsoring the award medals (41 awarded in all), an award shield, spangen helm and ax head. The sponsorship from Kult of Athena and New Ulster Steel Fighting made this a tournament in which the victors truly did walk away with some spoils for their hard fighting! Finally, New Ulster Steel Fighting would like to give our thanks to the Texas members of the Army of Jomsborg for a great showing both in numbers, and in skill on the field of competition. We hope that a firm alliance and friendship has been formed and that it is long-lasting.

The placings in each category are as follows:

One on One Combat Event:

1st Place Gold Medal – Clinton Dale (Jomsborg)
2nd Place Silver Medal – Dave Kilbourn (Jomsborg)
3rd Place Bronze Medal – Rob Kilbourn (Jomsborg)

In the 5 Fighter Team Melee:
1st Place Gold went to Jomsborg Team A
2nd Place Silver went to Jomsborg Team B
3rd Place Bronze N.U.S.F. Team C

In the Last Warrior Standing event:
1st Place Gold – Tyler Bryant (NUSF)
2nd Place Silver- Savannah Wingo (Jomsborg)
3rd Place Bronze – Justin Kincaid (Jomsborg)
All fighters received the FIGHT FEST! 2015 Combatant’s Medal

Congratulations to all fighters!

Pictures below shows the Champion of the One on One Combat Skills Event, Clinton Dale, Army of Jomsborg and his awards. The next pictures show the Champion of the Last Warrior Standing Event, Tyler Bryant, of New Ulster Steel Fighting. We hope to soon have a picture of the Gold Medal Jomsborg Team A who won 1st place in the team melee.

Champion Clinton Dale
Champion's Awards



Last Warrior Standing Awards