What and Who We Are:

  • We are martial artists training in a fighting style primarily based on Historical European Martial Arts of the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Our training in part comes from interpretations of the treaties of Masters Fiore die Liberi (c1350s – 1410s), Hans Tolhoffer (c1420 – 1490), and Joachim Meyer (c1537 – 1571 ) and Ridolfo Capoferro (?1558 – ?) as well as primary sources from other martial artists of the periods.
  • Our uniform is a charcoal colored t-shirt and black martial arts or athletic pants with comfortable shoes.
  • We train in our fighting style as a means by which to better defend ourselves and loved ones, for the physical and mental development that such training offers, and for the camaraderie we gain in training with our fellow martial artists.
  • We host annual martial arts tournaments with various categories of competition. We also seek outside tournaments for our members and instructors to compete in.
  • Our fighting style is relevant and extremely effective in modern self defense. (Please inquire about our “Pull-out” curriculum for people interested in effective self defense,but who do not desire to train for years in the entire fighting system). We do offer private, one-on-one lessons.
  • We are Christian-owned and do our best to conduct ourselves as such, understanding that we are not perfect, but striving to better ourselves.
  • We agree 100% with the definition/description of Chivalry according to Chevalier Geoffroi De Charny (c1306 – 1356) in his book, “A Knight’s Own Book of Chivalry.”
  • We are based in Woodway, TX.
  • We enjoy being apart of a martial arts family that lifts up and supports one another through the many trials life throws at us.
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