Honor, Virtus et Potestas



We had a great time at FIGHT FEST! II and the results are in from the fighting. Many thank go out to Kult of Athena http://www.kultofathena.com/ for their generous sponsorship of our FIGHT FEST! series tournaments. They graciously provided a Wulflund Garth Viking Sword and a Get Dressed For Battle Nasal Spangenhelm for the 1st Place Champion of the Single Combat event. 


The First Place Champion of Single Combat, earning the gold medal, Wulflund Viking Sword and GDFB Nasal Spangenhelm from Kult of Athena was Tyler Bryant, making it through the Single Combat events undefeated.


In Second Place, earning the silver medal in Single Combat was Jeff Webb.


In Third Place, earning the bronze medal in Single Combat was Mike Roe.


In the Melee Teams events, there were two, four-man teams and both were N.U.S.F. teams this time. The first place team earning the gold medals was composed of Team Captain Jeff Webb, Tyler Bryant, Benjamin Lindley, and Alex Fontane.


The second place team earning the silver medals was composed of Team Captain John Dunwoody, John Lam, Mike Roe, and Kurt Rutz.

The final event of the day was the Last Warrior Standing event where the tournament fighters engage in a free for all battle. No teams, no friends, all fighting all. The first place fighter earning the gold medal was Mike Roe. The second place fighter earning the silver medal was John Dunwoody, and the third place fighter earning the bronze medal was Jeff Webb.

Many thank to Tournament Marshal, Charles Dunwoody and his assistant on the bracket and technology, Danielle Klossner. They were both presented with the Marshaling Staff Award for a job well done. It is a difficult job, and they did it very well.

We hope to see you next year at FIGHT FEST! III 2017. Its planning is already underway and will take place next June (exact sate to be announced). If you thin it is something you would be interested in, whether you are with an organization that engages in Dark Age/Viking Age/Early Medieval combat arts, or your an individual who has training in the arts and would like to test your skils, we would love to see you at the tournament. Contact us through out contacts page here on the blog with any questions you may have. Come join the fun!




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