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We had a great time at FIGHT FEST! II and the results are in from the fighting. Many thank go out to Kult of Athena http://www.kultofathena.com/ for their generous sponsorship of our FIGHT FEST! series tournaments. They graciously provided a Wulflund Garth Viking Sword and a Get Dressed For Battle Nasal Spangenhelm for the 1st Place Champion of the Single Combat event.  (more…)


FIGHT FEST! II Information


Viking and Dark Ages Combat Arts

Hosted by New Ulster Steel Fighting School of Medieval Combat Arts

Sponsored by Kult of Athena http://www.kultofathena.com/

FIGHT FEST! is a Viking Age / Dark Ages combat arts tournament where competitors will engage in steel fighting while wearing protective gear, and fighting according to tournament rules. Safety is paramount and above all else. Rules are strictly enforced.