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We area happy to announce that FIGHT FEST! II is coming on Saturday, June 18th 2016. This is our “light armoured” Viking Age themed combat arts tournament. After a successful tournament last year, we have decided to have a second one.

Anglo-Saxon Webb 2The competitive events will be s follows:

  • Single Combat with Sword and Round Shield, and a back-up weapon such as a seax or hand ax.
  • Melee – 5 warrior teams compete against one another in best of 5 fights.
  • Last Warrior Standing (Free For All) where everyone fights everyone, and there’s no friends on the field.

Medals will be awarded for 1st,2nd, and 3rd places in each event and will be provided by New Ulster Steel Fighting. N.U.S.F. will also be providing a battle ready round shield for the first place champion in Single Combat. Also, Kult of Athena has once again graciously agreed to be a sponsor and will be contributing a Wulflund Garth Viking Sword and a GDFB Conical Nasal helm for the first place champion in the Single Combat Event.

The tournament will take place in Woodway, TX (right outside of Waco) at White Hall Park. More information will be coming soon. Registration will soon be opened online and will cost $60 per fighter. This fee covers all events.



House Wars III Results

By Jeff Webb

DSC_0151 - Copy

New Ulster Steel Fighting hosted House Wars III Combat Tournament this weekend in Woodway, TX in White Hall Park. ┬áCompetitors fought in the single combat event with arming sword and round shield (and a back up weapon such as a dagger or a hand ax), the Teams Melee event, and in the Last Warrior Standing Event. Only first place is recognized in the House Wars series. In the Single Combat event, fighters endured a series of round robin rounds of fighting before advancing on to the Single Elimination round where combatants fought to achieve the honor of first place. (more…)