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We’re Growing & Would Love To Have You Train With Us

20151017_102544-1We are happy to report that our membership is growing, and there is more and more interest being show in our school. We are blessed to see this growth and interest, and we would love to see you come train with us. If you live in or within driving distance of Waco, Texas, you are in range to join us. We are the only school of our kind in the “Heart of Texas” area and have been operating since 2007.

We offer 2 free training sessions for prospective members to come try us out and see if we are right for them, and if they are right for us. You need no martial arts experience at all to join. We train in both armored and unarmored martial arts. For more information or questions about joining or taking advantage of our free sessions, contact us through our contact page. We hope to hear from you soon!