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An Outstanding Read!

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEYou can now get Jefferson Webb’s first novel, “Ants in the Sun,” a Viking Age adventure with all of the action worthy of the sagas now in e-book for only $1.99 at this link. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/117665 Be sure to get your copy. You will find it extremely difficult to put down once you start reading. The sequel is expected to come out in 2015, so get the first book now and be ready!


Tournament at Saint Olav’s Fest in Trondheim, Norway

dsc_0060By: Jefferson P. Webb

This past July 26th – August 3rd in Trondheim, Norway, was the Tournament of Saint Olaf in which mounted competitors engage in the mounted joust with lances, mounted melee, and engaged in individual skills with sword and lance/spear. The tournament was organized/arranged by the Hassel-Ryen family, and was a great success. The tournament is a strictly equestrian martial arts tournament, but talking with them they are open to including competition of foot in the next tournament in 2015. This will bring some added excitement to an already exciting, action-packed competition. We at New Ulster Steel Fighting are further excited and honoured to have been invited by the Hassel-Ryen family to attend and compete in the next tournament of the festival next year should competition on foot be included in the event. Likewise if we can acquire a horse or horses in Norway for the event, we will have representatives (or a representative) of N.U.S.F. taking part in the mounted competition. (more…)

Tournament Results: South African National Sword Fighting Championship

south-african-flagThe Results are in from the South African National Sword Fighting Championship and we are glad to finally be reporting them here at steelfighting.com.  There were several events in both rebated steel and synthetic weapons, and team combat as well. Congratulations to all of the competitors for their efforts and courage to take part in these chivalrous competitions. It is a passion to train and compete in these martial arts, and you are to be congratulated.