Modern Home and Personal Defense, Medieval Style

While many people today are very interested in finding a course of study that will aid them in being able to better defend themselves and their loved ones, not everyone is desirous of engaging in many years of study in a martial arts style. And while firearms are a very popular form of self defense in the home or in public for those people of whom are holders of their state’s concealed carry licenses (in the United States), the fact of the matter is that bullets go through people, and they keep on going often to hit innocent bystanders or loved ones. This can certainly happen within the close quarters of a home when engaging an intruder with your firearm. So, what can one do to engage in a solid, relevant form of defense against home invasion or in the event that they are attacked by a criminal while away from home? Furthermore, it is very possible that a person will not be armed when they are attacked by an armed person. Criminals are not in the business of ensuring they engage in a “fair fight.” Continue reading “Modern Home and Personal Defense, Medieval Style”

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