Memorial Day: Honoring Those Who Gave All

We want to give are deepest and heart-felt thanks to all of the service men and women of the United States Armed Forces who have given their lives in the line of duty for our wonderful nation, The United States of America. We are forever indebted to these courageous patriots of our nation, and have an obligation to live our lives to the fullest while honoring their sacrifices and our nation. Each time the national anthem is played, each time we place our hands over our hearts, each time we hug a loved one or go outside and play with our children, or perhaps take a sip of our coffee without the fear of an enemy of our nation attempting to take our lives in our own streets, remember that Americans have given their lives for our privilege to do these things.

Today please pray for those families who have lost, and give thanks for those who gave their lives for us. Have a blessed Memorial Day.


Jefferson P. Webb


James. My Reboot Camp Launches for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. December 28, 2010. Accessed 5-28-2012.

Purists and Innovators: An Observation of Two Classifications of Western Martial Artists

Although there has been a rise in interest for roughly the last three decades in Renaissance and Medieval European Martial Arts, or what some refer to as Western Martial Arts, there appears to be surfacing what may be a level of contention between what the author of this article will refer to as “Purists” and “Innovators.” What is the matter of contention, or problem between these two classifications of martial artists and why does it exist? Furthermore, should there really be any issue in the first place? Continue reading “Purists and Innovators: An Observation of Two Classifications of Western Martial Artists”

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